James Woodley is a Miami-based photographer who specializes in capturing what the naked eye cannot. Using moody lighting and provocative angles, he produces exciting and unique images of athletes in motion: running, jumping, kicking, dancing and seemingly defying the laws of gravity.
Along with fitness, James also shoots celebrity editorials, television personalities, high-end fashion, magazine covers, detailed portraits and street photography. His true passion, though, is anything involving motion capture: he has the uncanny ability to freeze a powerful moment in time. As a result, he’s able to unlock in a photo hidden details and characteristics you might not otherwise see.
James, who is originally from London, England, is a self-taught photographer. He became serious about his craft when he moved stateside more than 7 years ago. Whether it’s for a magazine, website, social media or personal, James’ main focus is to¬† capture the world around us using his talents to enhance its natural beauty.

His¬†versatility with the genre’s of photography he is able to capture, makes him an ideal choice for almost any requirement of a company or individual. Having worked with clients ranging from private individuals, to major corporations such as Perry Ellis and celebrities such as Nick Cannon and Venus Williams, James can be trusted to deliver beyond expectations, no matter what the circumstances.